Holy January.

How we spend our days, is of course, how we spend our lives.

There’s something about that quote that makes me think I’m not sure where my January days have went. Technical domain difficulties, long work days, the flu, cold weather: January has never been my favorite. But, here we are and it’s almost February. If you’ve managed to stick with us through the WatchUsRoam blackout, thank you.

After a trial run and some long nights on the phone with IT support, we have officially become the real deal: www.watchusroam.com 

So thank you to the 5 readers we have right now, we appreciate you, and just hold on (like Drake says), because it’s almost February… And I’m really excited about where this next journey will take us. So stay tuned, because coming up are some adorable wedding planning details, trips all over the place, and so much more!

Drinking green pressed juice and flu tea like it’s going out of style, Am


PS: Please disregard that all of our old posts have the same dates, the internet is a strange, strange beast sometimes.

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