Vignettes of a white tie wedding.

There is something so timeless and classic about men in tails and white bow ties, next to women in gowns, that feels so old world. I was lucky enough to be able to attend a wedding recently that brought all of those details into 2015. Being an event planner, I’m constantly fascinated with how others design and setup their wedding. Especially because weddings have the power to be such beautiful, yet personally joyous moments marking the beginning of a new family. Going into this celebration, I admittedly wasn’t sure what to expect, as sometimes formal weddings can feel just too formal, and my personal style leans toward more of an airy and free preference. While it was definitely traditional, I was pleasantly surprised by the reception and wanted to share with you a few of the ethereal details. Enjoy the inspiration!

Pulling up to the reception venue, the entire front yard was lighted with glass luminaries and mariachi band was playing on the side as we entered. 

Candles in the grassThe reception venue was an intimate, private social club with very a distinct “old Texas” vibe. The resulting aura was a contrast of the romantic with the traditional that made the bridal adornments stand out in a whimsical, yet subtle way. The weather was perfect for an open air tent on the brick patio surrounding the large pool and I soaked up every minute in the warm Texas air.  


Open air tent and pool

The floral chandeliers were the main attraction inside the tent. Other than that, the decorations were minimal, but the warm lights and parade of candles and white floral arrangements were all that were needed next to the dramatic pool. And no, no one fell in the pool. (Although after all the champagne, I had my doubts and took off my heels. At a white tie wedding. I know.)

Flower Chandeliers

Looking back from the main tent, the full soul and jazz band was an excellent touch. Live bands are just the best. The constantly flowing water fountains into the pool gave off a tranquil bubble along to the music all night, resulting in one of the most relaxing wedding receptions I have ever experienced. Then they played “Proud Mary” and all was right in the world. 

looking at the dance floor



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