April’s Here! Let’s get organized! Organized!

less is more

Simplify. There’s that 2015 word again. More than I like to admit, I am a person often dictated by the weather and the changing of the seasons. This year’s was a weighty winter, filled with some hard decisions, hard discussions, and self reflection.

Winter is dead

Every year when Spring arrives, I have the sudden urge to spring clean. Then comes all the feelings: an urge to start new, new goals, new clothes, everything I can dream to clean or recreate runs through my brain and onto my to-do lists. And it’s too much. Feeling a little overwhelmed lately in my search for answers, enter stage left: the universe.  I’m motivated by forms of communication, and as a reader, blogs and books are my favorites. I’ve been really inspired recently by some of my favorites, like Be Up and Doing, because they’ve all been on the simplcity train too. Choo! Choo! All aboard the “this-sounds-easy-but-is-actually-really-hard” commuter to destination better yourself!

Unfortunately This over thinker is going to welcome Spring by diving  into a series of posts about un-cluttering life, cleaning out my closet’s clothing skeletons, reviewing the book, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo and this notion of “capsule wardrobes” for the month of April. I actually began tackling my closet two weeks ago, which Kondo has been telling me is one of the hardest steps. And it’s rough. Please wish me luck. I’ll post my progress soon.

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