5 things for Friday: no tie zone addition


Hello long lost friends! Now that we have properly given into summer’s more relaxed and lazy feel, Ro has packed up and moved, and work has settled down, it’s time for some more fun. Here’s 5 tidbits that will be good for your soul today:

  1. Ever written a card to yourself? You should. And you should look into these decks for daily inspiration. All a little different, all easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Or, even better make your own deck! Or have your littles make their own decks for daily inspiration. The possibilities are endless. Art
  2.  Speaking of lazy summer days, sometimes it’s hard to not let the heat zapp all of your motivation to do anything (guilty as charged). The Everygirl has put together a nice little compilation of some TED Talks to get yourself motivated. I give a serious amen to #5.
  3. Girl power is always on my brain and I’m feeling especially inspired by this compilation.
  4. Wondering what to get your dad (last minute) for Father’s Day? I was too. My dad doesn’t “need” anything, and I’m tired of buying into the commercial holiday bogus of buying a present just for the sake of buying something. So I decided this year, along with the card I already posted, I am going to send lunch to his office on Monday instead. Everyone likes a free lunch- it’s like the dad version of sending a bouquet. I’m asking the restaurant to include a sweet note as well. Give it a try, nobody needs another tie.  (Don’t worry, my dad won’t read this. Probably.)
  5. Using Pinterest as outfit inspiration is probably something a lot of us have done before, just someone else beat me to writing about it. This is a great read for re-imagining your closet. Doing this for an entire month and not buying anything would be a great challenge. Double points if you document it.

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