Summertime In Chi Town: Get Moving

After I finished the marathon last year, I broke up with exercising for a while. Burnt out and dealing with some injuries from training, I was over it. Thankfully, I’ve finally rediscovered my grove in staying active. And while I’m so grateful and humbled to have finished a marathon, running and I are over for now. And that’s okay. I’m coming up on the tail end of a 21 day workout challenge and I’m so proud of myself. The hardest part for me in staying active and healthy are those times when I’m traveling.

Chicago at night

Recently I was in Chicago to visit friends and attend a bachelorette party ( #kimmywins ), but I made some time for myself to check out a new yoga studio, go for a long power walk along the lake, and (of course) eat at Lyfe Kitchen ( I. Can’t. Wait. for the the one in Memphis to open soon!). Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you can’t still fuel up on what matters. I see you vacation excuses – to get yourself out of that mindset, actively seek out fun ways to workout in whatever city you’re in. It will make those late night, or brunch indulgences (like the below bloody mary from Tipton Hall that came with a meal itself) taste even sweeter.

Tipton Hall Bloody Mary

Here are my top 3 for Chicago, plus a #4 of mouthwatering food pics. Enjoy!

1. Core Power Yoga  – one of the best/sweatiest yoga classes of my life. Have a local address? Get the first week free!

Make Life One Long Weekend

2. Get moving along that beautiful lake! Somehow, I had never made it to Chicago in the summer. The cool breeze coming off of the the blue sparkly lake water was so rejuvenating and kept me going for miles. I power walked, jogged a little, and then ended my time by stretching it out on Oak Street beach. There were so many people out exercising that I found being around all of those active strangers was super motivating as well. Go early in the morning for the crisp air and less tourists. Chicago Sky line

Lake Michigan bech

3. Rent bikes! Downtown Chicago is now full of bike sharing stations, a much healthier alternative to taking cabs everywhere.

4. Refuel the healthy way at Lyfe Kitchen. I had the avocado spinach omelet with chipotle salsa, an arugula salad, and a greek yogurt bowl with raspberry chia seeds, blueberries and toasted almonds. I’m still dreaming about that bowl. Lyfe Kitchen greek yogurt bowl

Even better is their business model: “Great food can do amazing things. It can make you feel better. It can support local farms. Promote sustainability. Reward environmentally sound businesses. Give back to the community. And, best of all, it will make you savor every single bite.

Lyfe Kitchen omelet #watchusroam


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