Mandy Does Memphis

I am moving soon (in 9 days to be exact), but I’ve been in Memphis long enough for it to be in my blood. I will never not feel like a Memphian.
This place is like no other, it doesn’t matter if you weren’t born here, what state you’re from, or where you’re going. Memphis grabs you, pulls you in and slays you with its food, its culture, its smells, sights, sounds and its grit & grind.
To make the most out of my last moments here, I’ve decided to do a 9-day Mandy Does Memphis binge where I try my best to eat and do all of my favorite things one last time as a resident. Here’s the list, which I technically started yesterday.
You can follow along on Instagram @watchusroam and with the hashtags #MandyDoesMemphis and #watchusroam
In no particular order:
1. Lunch Box Eats
2. Central BBQ NachosIMG_1594
3. Rec Room
4. Ernastine and Hazel’s
5. Dyer’s Burger
6. Tennesse Brewery
7. See Star and Micey play (6 & 7 are happening at the same time Sunday at MFM TEN event)
 8. One last walk to the Memphis Farmer’s Market
9. Tug’s fried pickles
10. Raiford’s
11. One last picture with all of my friends in Amurica
12. Drinks with Joe and Amanda in Bardog’s basement one last time
13. PooPoo Platter
14. Mimosa’s on Majestic’s patio
15. Cooper Young Fest
16. Boat ride on the Mississippi
17. Second Line
18. Rooftop sunsets (as many as possible)
Have anything else you think I should include? Let us know! Cheers to new adventures and loving on Memphis!

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