Birthday week is here!

I’ve been in Kansas City a week! It doesn’t quite feel like home yet, partly because I haven’t found a place to live, but I”m working on it. In a week I’ve acclimated more than I thought I would, but there have been some major pangs of missing Memphis. Sometimes change is hard, right? Right. Another scary thing is that I’m having a birthday next week. I freaking love birthdays. I think everyone should get at least a week to celebrate, and I’m declaring this next year MY year. Because I love to celebrate birthdays, I thought this would be a great time to kick off my upcoming one with a look back at one of my best friend’s awesome party she threw last spring. Kathryn is a Memphis transplant, but quickly felt more like a sister than friend and I miss her terribly.IMG_9977

On her last birthday she declared her upcoming year “her” year. And man was she right. It’s been such a joy to watch her grow and flourish. So I’m copying (and making it all about me, of course) and I’m stating, for everyone to hear, that this year is MY year. Full of new adventures, love, and joy in simple pleasures.

IMG_9965Kathryn threw her party at a donut shop called The Donut Hut in Collierville, TN where she rented out the space and a big group of us got to get our hands dirty making our own donuts. It was a dream come true for me because 1.) I love cooking and am fascinated by industrial kitchens, and 2.) I would eat donuts all day everyday if that were an okay thing to do. I think in all I had like 10 donuts that day. Not even exaggerating. It was gross. But also one of the best days ever. The shop owner was super funny and accommodating. They set up donuts and pizza to have a “lunch” for us, gave us sodas ,and generally spoiled us with insane amounts of sugar.


After we kneaded the dough, it needed a rest under a blankie. After came the rollout…


After the machine rolls it, another machine cuts the donut shapes. I officially want all of these gadgets.



Raw donuts! And below are the donut holes. The actual hole of the donut. Discarded, but not forgotten, these puppies are just as tasty.



The donuts are then allowed to rise and put through the fryer.




I couldn’t resist videoing the process.




After they pass through the hot grease hottub, they come up the other side while the excess grease falls off.



See the left side of this photo below? Its a tub of fudge icing. The warm donuts go in the glaze, then the best part – sprinkle time.


IMG_9987 IMG_9989

I love looking back on this day and I highly recommend this type of party for all ages. You can’t go wrong with unlimited delicious donuts, especially when you get to make them yourself! Happy birthday week to me!



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