A Word For 2016

Simplify served me well in 2015. I got rid of some things I didn’t need and got (more) serious about what I wanted in my own life. Among the chaos of moving, sometimes life didn’t seem very simple, but it was enough to have one word to focus on when things got a little out of hand. A way to ground me back (eventually) to where I was wanting to be. I don’t want to leave simplify totally behind, but I’m ready for a little bit more excitement. A little bit more pep in my step. More enthusiasm about life, less worrying if I’m doing it all right. 

But it’s a new year people! It’s 2016 and I feel alive! (Girls comes back soon, praise everything)

My word for 2016 is ENGAGE:

to occupy, attract, or involve; participate or become involved in


I can see you roll your eyes. Here’s what it means to me:

Engage in my new city and community. Be more engaged in my workout routine (I’m going on some killer trips this year and I want to look like it) to get in the best shape of my life. Be more engaged in my yoga practice. Engage in making healthier choices: food choices, people I surround myself with choices, what I let myself stress over, etc. Be more actively engaged in my family and friends’ lives. Engage in my dreams with real followthrough. Become more engaged in my career trajectory. I want to occupy my new space, attract positivity, involve myself with my work and community, and actively engage every day in my life. 

Cheers to engaging all cylinders in 2016! 

– Amanda

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