Newborn Cuteness Overload

Amid life’s busy schedule lately, I managed to have had the unique opportunity to capture the first couple weeks of a precious baby girl’s life. Emmalyn, much like her parents, has the sweetest disposition and was the most perfect little lady during the TWO shoots we put her through at such a young age. We even trekked her around in the early springtime evening air, all bundled up, in Hodge Park and all she did was coo and sleep. Her parents have one sweet, laid back baby on their hands. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to capture her grace and sweetness, and I’m very excited to watch her grow from behind my lens. Enjoy all the cuteness!
IMG_1543 IMG_1663 IMG_1303 IMG_1272 IMG_1252 IMG_1193-2 IMG_1202 IMG_1106-2 IMG_1075 IMG_1695 IMG_1732 IMG_1628 IMG_1724 IMG_1670 IMG_1653 IMG_1585
Cheers to these pictures igniting all the baby fever ~ Amanda

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