Baby Callan’s American Adventure


I wanted to post these precious pictures of this baby that I happen to love very much tonight, because right now, the world could use a little sweetness added to it. Last month I got the amazing experience of taking this cutie’s photo. About 1,000 times. Along with some candid moments with his grandparents and great grandparents. Him and his great grandpa just instantly make my eyes well up. I just can’t contain myself, he’s so stinking adorable. He also happens to be one of my dearest friend’s baby boy. Callan is charming, even at 7 months. He’s more traveled than most, given he’s born to an Irish father, an American mother, and currently resides in London. Callan’s your man if you need advice on riding the tube in a pram, attending playdates at the pub, or how it feels to be an international baby of mystery.

You can view more of this sweet family on my new photography page,  Where you can also drop me a line if want some pics of your own, as nothing would make me happier. I freaking love happy babies. Let’s spread more love, ya’ll.


Here’s to the precious, happy moments in life ~ Amanda

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