Clean Spring Bars You Can Eat

It’s March! I keep on hoping for spring to just pop-up anytime now, so I’m trying to get into the spirit of lessening the heavy winter food, clothes, all of it. It’s still pretty chilly here in Seattle, but flowers are beginning to bud anyway and that’s always a good sign. For a litter healthier vibe as we roll into spring, some friends and I decided to try Whole30. I know, probably a little late to the game, but after being sick in January it feels like a good restart. I’m not one to strictly follow a diet that feels incredibly limiting, because you know, life is worth eating the good stuff sometimes, but I can mostly do anything for 30 days. So here I am on this Whole30 train. I’m also taking a two-week break from coffee just to torture myself, pretty much.

This weekend I made up a recipe for my own knockoff raw bars because I need a morning snack (Whole30 approved, except they frown on snacking, but I’m a rebel). These are a perfect fast breakfast and would be great to take on a long hike. Plus they’re incredibly easy. So easy that I’m never paying $2 for a bar again. They could also be really easy to customize depending on what you have on hand. These babies don’t require an oven and take about 15 minutes. No joke.

I like these “fancy” dates, but any will do!

Just make sure to remove all the pits or you’ll lose a tooth.

Mix ingredients in the food processor and spread out on wax paper. If you don’t have a food processor, just crush the nuts and dates in a chopper and hand mix together for a little more cardio.

Shape the mixture into a flat rectangle with enough wax paper to double over so your hands don’t get sticky.

Roll out and cut into bars and done!


On The Go DIY Bars (Whole30 approved)

  • Make sure your ingredients don’t have any added oil or sugars.
  • Combine following ingredients in food processor until well combined to your preference of chunkiness:

1.5 Cups almonds

.5 Cup cashews

2 Cups dates (make sure to take out the pits or buy pitted dates)

1/4 Cup dried cranberries (or any other berries you prefer like cherries or blueberries, just make sure they don’t have any added oils or sugars!)

Squeeze in the juice from half of 1 lemon

Pinch of sea salt

  • Spread out mixture on enough wax paper that you can double it over on top to roll out the bars. Use rolling-pin to roll out to desired thickness, or about 1/4 of an inch. Cut into bars and enjoy! These aren’t too sticky and are easily stackable in a baggie or Tupperware to keep fresh.


Cheers to a clean spring! ~ Amanda


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