We made it! One month married. It feels like just yesterday and forever all in one. Things are slowing down now and I’ve finally had some moments to reflect (when I’m not tearing up at how magical it was and how thankful I feel) on our special, special days in Hawaii. I have quite a few posts I want to do about wedding planning that just didn’t happen in the hubbub of the holidays, wedding prep, Hawaii, then spending two weeks in New Zealand honeymooning totally off the grid (!), and then going straight to Missouri to help my family move. So yeah, we’ve had a few things going on. But I’m pumped to share everything and all of our steps to getting our dream wedding on a budget and doing it all ourselves, soon.

Basically, our wedding was everything I’ve ever wanted and more. Like the most perfect experience that we could have ever asked for. I’m working on lots of posts, but today I just wanted to take a second and bask in our newlywed light and celebrate it. And say THANK YOU to our incredible tribe, without them none of this would have been possible. From mowing the grass at the park, to packing furniture and hanging up lace- you know who you are and we are so, so thankful.

So this post is for them, for us, and of course I’m feeling insanely nostalgic and want to do it all over again right now, but also because I’ve never felt so at peace and so loved and in love. I guess that’s exactly what getting married is supposed to do to you, but I’m still pinching myself we get to be this lucky together with the most supportive friends and family. (I know, a lot of sappy emotions in this post.) But I do truly believe gratitude makes your world go around. And documenting this feeling and how thankful we are just seems right. So this post is sharing my favorite photos from our day and the few major details that made it the most amazing experience of our lives.

Location of ceremony: Koko Kai Beach Park

Location of ceremony: rented home on Koko Head

Wedding Dress: Brides For A Cause, Portland

Reception Dress: Lulu’s


Flowers: Safeway, arranged by us

Officiant: Tom John, a good friend

Photographer: Rae Marshall Photography

Hair: Jireh Artistry

Food: Tin Hut BBQ

Bar: Islands Bar Company

Cakes: Costco and Safeway

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