Instapot Southwestern Chicken Stew

We finally did it. We broke down and gave into the Instapot craze.¬† It always seemed like a fad that would just go away, but about two years after the craze, they’re still selling like hotcakes. And Jake couldn’t take it anymore. He claimed he was the only one at work without one. So under… Read More Instapot Southwestern Chicken Stew

Clean Spring Bars You Can Eat

It’s March! I keep on hoping for spring to just pop-up anytime now, so I’m trying to get into the spirit of lessening the heavy winter food, clothes, all of it. It’s still pretty chilly here in Seattle, but flowers are beginning to bud¬†anyway and that’s always a good sign. For a litter healthier vibe… Read More Clean Spring Bars You Can Eat