Instapot Southwestern Chicken Stew

We finally did it. We broke down and gave into the Instapot craze.  It always seemed like a fad that would just go away, but about two years after the craze, they’re still selling like hotcakes. And Jake couldn’t take it anymore. He claimed he was the only one at work without one. So under… Read More Instapot Southwestern Chicken Stew

Mug Life: “healthy” chocolate cake

  It’s almost Valentine’s day aka the commercial holiday that surrounds large masses of chocolate. (That’s my jaded valentine side talking.) I’m not going lie and say that I only want chocolate in February. I basically always want it. Enter: chocolate cake for one. I had been looking for a mug cake recipe online that didn’t… Read More Mug Life: “healthy” chocolate cake

Summertime In Chi Town: Get Moving

After I finished the marathon last year, I broke up with exercising for a while. Burnt out and dealing with some injuries from training, I was over it. Thankfully, I’ve finally rediscovered my grove in staying active. And while I’m so grateful and humbled to have finished a marathon, running and I are over for… Read More Summertime In Chi Town: Get Moving

Winter Meatloaf to counteract your Valentine’s sugar crash

When I don’t see the sun for multiple cold days on end, and I leave work every night in the dark, it has a serious affect on my optimism level. Trying hard to not succumb to the winter blues, live simply, and eat more whole food gets hard this time of year. Because all I… Read More Winter Meatloaf to counteract your Valentine’s sugar crash

I have the permanent crunchies

I’ve never been a big soup eater (see previous post about only eating soup with buttered grilled cheese). I appreciate some substance to my meals; hearty, crunchy bites of food that can’t be sipped through a straw. If my body could stand it I would probably be happiest eating extra crunchy chips – any flavor… Read More I have the permanent crunchies